PowerPoint Templates – Changing Your Default Colors

PowerPoint users who prefer to work with read-made templates should know how to modify the font color which is set by default. If you do not like the color which has been used in PowerPoint presentation template, the color can be easily changed in the view “Slide Master”. In the same way you can change the color in your own PowerPoint presentation. This is exactly the same procedure, which you can use when you create your own PowerPoint presentation from the sketch or you use pre-made templates.

PowerPoint For Mac – RGB Colors

If you use PowerPoint on Mac computers this article about working with RGB color will be vry informative for you. Many users of PowerPoint (Mac version) refer to RGB Colors. However, the default system of picking colors does not show the field RGB. In such a case, it becomes very difficult to enter RGB color value while clicking “More Colors” in the properties “Font” or color properties “Shape”. When just the color wheel gets appeared, the only thing you can do is to switch to any other tab “Color Picker” and enable the input “CMYK” or “RGB”.

PowerPoint Presentations For Mac – Install Color Picker

All Mac computers have installed Color Picker. However, if you are not happy with your installed version, you can install a different Color Picker directly to your system. We can recommend you a nice Color Picker, which has been designed for professional designers and developers. Also it is used by many users of PowerPoint. The name of this Color Picker is “Skala Color”.

PowerPoint For Mac – Inserting Numbers

In this article you are going to learn how to customize the numbers of your slides in “Header an Footer”. Have a look at the picture, which we have inserted above. You will need to check the checkbox “Slide Number” and enter the “Footer” text. Also, we recommend you to check the checkbox “Don’t show on title slide”. This option will prevent you from displaying the number of your PowerPoint slide on the cover slide. Note, that in some PowerPoint presentations, you should not start numbering from the first PowerPoint slide. Usually, your cover slide should include no number. Users, who want to start from a particular number should specify their desired number in the textbox “Starts”.

PowerPoint – Options For Slide Numbering

PowerPoint offers its users numerous options for slide numbering. In this article you will learn how to add numbers to your PowerPoint presentation slides. In fact, it is very easy to insert numbers to all your PowerPoint slides. You will just need to open your current PowerPoint presentation and press the menu “Insert” and click the option “Slide Number”.

PowerPoint Master View – Customizing Slide Numbers

Users of PowerPoint program can use different formats for numbering PowerPoint slides. How can we apply the same format to all PowerPoint slides, both new PowerPoint slides and existing ones? The best way is to use PowerPoint Slide Master View. Using the view Slide Master, you will be able to control various styles for options of footer. Following this way, it is very easy to apply various numbering styles to your slides. This technique will make it easy to re-locate the number shape of PowerPoint slides to to another positions.

PowerPoint 2016 For Users Of Mac – Changing Inches To Centimeters

This tutorial will clarify you the way of changing inches to centimeters if you use Mac version of PowerPoint 2016. Following our tips you will modify the measurement unit in PowerPoint for Mac (version 2016). If you use this technique, you will face no problems to switch the measurement unit in PowerPoint program from centimeters to inches and vicevrsa.